I Can’t Stop Watching Nick Offerman Sip Whisky By a Fireplace For 45 Minutes


Nick Offerman is back at it. The famous humorist, writer, woodworker actor, comedian and all-around gentleman is back for the second installment of My Tales of Whisky. You might remember that last December, Offerman, in collaboration with Diageo and Lagavulin, released a series of YouTube videos where he (literally) sang the praises of Scotch Whisky.

Offerman is most famous for his role of Ron Swanson on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation as well as roles in 22 Jump Street, We’re The Millers as well as his recent performance as the very interesting and gregarious lawyer Karl Weathers on the second season of FX’s Fargo. On top of his acting career, he’s also an accomplished author with his books Paddle Your Own Canoe (2013) and Gumption (2015) and owns his own woodworking shop in Los Angeles.

Last December, Offerman sang about the difficulty of drinking whisky while riding a horse (it’s not easy) and the how hard it is to play a guitar while drinking whisky (it’s impossible). This year, he’s back with what can most accurately be described as a forty-five minute long video of him sitting in a chair beside a roaring fireplace while he silently sips whisky and stares at you. For some reason, it’s mesmerizing and extremely hard to look away from. This is especially true if you are also imbibing a tasty dram of Scotch (most likely Lagavulin or Offerman’s other favorite Oban).

Lagavulin 16 © Dan McBride Photography

Lagavulin 16 © Dan McBride Photography

Other videos released last week include one where Offerman explains how to survive the holidays by building a safe haven from the holiday madness (of course Scotch is the most important survival item) and another where the actor explains how to make the perfect drink (spoiler alert, it contains whisky alone).

The 45 minute fireplace video is an homage to New York City’s WPIX and its annual Yule Log broadcast that has been running since December 1966. The TV station decided to broadcast an image of a fireplace as a present for city residents who didn’t have the privilege of having a fireplace of their own. To celebrate the 49th anniversary of this event, Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky collaborated with Offerman to create this unique, holiday classic.

Specifically, Offerman hopes that viewers at home will start his special Yule Log video at 10pm every night during the holiday season while enjoying a nice dram of Lagavulin. This is because he feels that this is the perfect time of night to enjoy an after-dinner drink.

“You might be surprised by the calming effect my Scotch-inspired contemplation will have upon your digestion of holiday meats.” says Offerman. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening sipping Scotch with the man who gave Ron Swanson to the world.

You can enjoy the mesmerizing video here, but that’s not all. The My Tales of Whisky YouTube channel has a few more holiday treats for you.