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Let’s Cook: Break Bad With Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul in the RV for a Good Cause

Photo: Kevin Winter / Staff

It’s been nearly five years since you’ve heard Heisenberg utter the magic words, but it’s time again: Let’s cook.

We first broke bad with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s Breaking Bad 10 years ago, but in celebration of a decade strong, the odd couple is re-opening its RV doors for you to cook with them. Breakfast, not meth (we think). But here’s the twist: It’s for a good cause.

That’s right, Emmy Award-winning actor, Bryan Cranston, and his blue meth sous chef, Aaron Paul, are partnering with Omaze in support of Kind Campaign, who works to end girl-against-girl bullying in schools, to let some lucky fans hop aboard the iconic cook station for as little as a $10 donation.

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Starting July 17 and continuing through August 30, you can donate to Kind Campaign to be entered for your chance to win a trip, hotel and luxurious breakfast with your favorite fictional drug dealers. If you need further incentive, maybe this hilarious video will help. Obviously, Bryan needs the work, and Aaron’s got a new baby. Come on, he ever shaved his head for you (bitch!).

Finally, you have a good reason to stop going all the way to the Breaking Bad house in New Mexico, other than the fact that they had to put a fence around it.


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