Don’t Remake ‘Last Jedi,’ Get Your Own Storyline At Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Instead

Photo: Albert L. Ortega (Getty)

There has been a lot of noise around Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi since the film’s release. Little of it has been good. The second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy — the eighth main installment of the Star Wars franchise — didn’t exactly go over well with fans. This is evidenced by the 46 percent audience rating it received on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, there’s an online petition with over 107,000 signatures in hopes of removing Star Wars: The Last Jedi from canon and another Kickstarter campaign to actually remake the movie (fueled by fanboys who didn’t jive with the movie’s message of letting go of old characters and sharing their toys with others).

While it’s unlikely Disney will allow a remake to ever happen (although, c’mon, a $70,000 Last Jedi would be HILARIOUS), they will allow fans to live out their own unique Star Wars story.

Not only is Disney set to open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — said to be the most expensive and detailed theme park land ever built — they’re also opening a Star Wars themed hotel which will be fully immersive for guests.

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Upon arrival, each person staying at the Walt Disney World hotel will have his or her own story line. These will will reportedly touch “every minute of the guests stay.” Cast members and Disney employees at the Star Wars-themed hotel will also be in full costume. Guests are encouraged to do the same in hopes of creating a living, breathing, Star Wars world. Think of it like an intergalactic version of Westworld. Even windows of the hotel will only show space scenes. Disney wants guests to feel as if they are aboard a moving space ship.

Unfortunately, there’s no date of completion set for the Star Wars hotel. On the plus side, this gives you plenty of time to recreate the film in your mind. You can have your ideal storyline prepared when the time arrives.