Strange and Expensive Memorabilia Auctions You’d Never Think to Bid On

(Photo by Tom Wargacki/WireImage)

Aaron Hernandez has been in news lately, but not in the way you might imagine. The late football player’s suicide note from prison has reportedly become the latest strange and expensive piece of memorabilia up for auction. Apparently Hernandez allegedly penned letters to both his fiancée and fellow in-mate. But that’s the last or the least of strange auctions you’d never think to bid on.

Aaron Hernandez Alleged Suicide Note – $7500

Photo: via NY Daily News

Buy it now (just 24 easy payments of $349) on eBay, but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a fraud, considering the prison officials have no “recollection” of any suicide note. His Toyota 4Runner, considered the murder vehicle, was reportedly also up for auction and was taken down at over $100K. That’s probably more interesting than a letter, huh?

Violin from Titanic –   £900,000 ($1.2 million)

One of the instruments, a violin, played on the sinking Titanic was sold at auction for more than $1 million. Was it played as lovely as James Cameron portrayed it? Or was there a ton of chaos and people pushing him out of the way? In 2012, a menu from the ship sold for £46000, close to $61K.

JD Salinger’s Toilet – $1 million

Photo: via

The late author’s vintage toilet is reportedly from 1962, right after he shit out Franny & Zooey. The Catcher in the Rye-ter died in 2010 so, presumably, it got some good use. I do some of my best thinking on the john.

Britney’s Hair from The Shave of 2007 – $1 million

Photo: via E! Online

Reportedly, the salon who shaved Britney’s head during her meltdown created a site that auctioned her hair for $1 million. But this “opportunity of a lifetime” was overrun with frauds, can you believe that? Are you telling us that she needed a salon to shave her head? How rich is that shit?!

Elvis Presley’s Soiled Undies 

Photo: via Rolling Stone

You’d think the lock of the King’s hair going for a measly $115K would be creepy enough until you heard that his soiled, unwashed underwear almost found a home. His bible went for £ 59,000, but that’s not nearly s interesting as framing and hanging someone’s shit shorts in your living room.

Air from Kanye West Yeezus Tour – $60K

Photo: via E! Online

Taken down but close to sold, your curiosities about the worth of the air god breathes are finally over. Maybe you can try again this summer after Kanye releases not one but two anointed albums.

200-year-old taxidermy ostrich – $33K

I mean, how could you not afford this?

Monica Lewinski’s lingerie – $12K

Photo: via

Last but definitely the least, this 32-piece set of post-Oval Office lingerie expected to go for 50K undersold a bit at $12K. Was the pair she wore that fateful day included? We’re not sure, but she’s at least doing TED Talks to take our attention off (she’s not taking our attention away from shit!).