The Unwritten Vol. 1 TPB Review

For a book that received CraveOnline’s Best New Series award for 2009, the arrival of the first trade paperback of The Unwritten is a hell of a way to kick off the New Year. Releasing on January 6 and collecting the first five issues of the critically acclaimed Vertigo series written by Mike Carey with art from Peter Gross, The Unwritten Volume 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity is your opportunity to see what it is you’ve been missing and jump on board from the get-go.

Between the engaging narrative, different storytelling elements – ranging from excerpts of the Tommy Taylor novels, to blog posts, to an adaptation of one of Kipling’s most famous stories- and of course, Peter Gross’ uncanny artistic ability to adapt to all of these scenarios, The Unwritten becomes a densely satisfying read that is littered with high concepts.


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