Nobody Can Identify This Giant Wolflike Creature Killed In Montana

Czechoslovakian Wolf dog stands in the fog, Danube river. Photo: s-eyerkaufer (Getty)

Was it a starving grizzly cub? A dire wolf? Proof that “Dogman” really exists?

According to the Great Falls Tribune, nobody can say for sure what was killed by a rancher in Denton, Montana last week. At least one wolf management specialist is leaning toward it not being a wolf.

“Several things grabbed my attention when I saw the pictures,” Ty Smucker said. “The ears are too big. The legs look a little short. The feet look a little small, and the coat looks weird. There’s just something off about it.”

The unknown beast was shot and killed on May 16. It has since been bagged, tagged and sent off for DNA testing. Bruce Auchly, the information manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said nobody will know for certain what was killed until those tests come back. Then he went all Men In Black and got cryptic on our asses by adding, “It was near a rancher’s place, it was shot, and our game wardens went to investigate. The whole animal was sent to our lab in Bozeman. That’s the last I ever heard of it.”

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So just what in the hell was shot and killed on May 16 on a ranch in Denton, Montana? And where in the hell is it now? Honestly, it sounds like it’s a perfect time to reboot Unsolved Mysteries.