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The Hottest New Standup Specials Streaming Now

Photo: Netflix

That comedy is so hot right now, comedy. Seriously, stand-up specials are streaming everywhere: HBO, Netflix, my bathtub in the middle of the workday. We just can’t get enough. It sure beats the hell out of binging all day. Unless, of course, you’re binging on stand-up comedy all day.

From the heavy hitters like Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais to the quasi-familiar faces like John Mulaney (aren’t you just adorable?) and that woman who’s seemingly always pregnant, there’s a little taste of all things new in the standup world right here, right now.

Hop in deep for our latest stand-up staff picks (don’t worry, there are no Vincent’s Picks) and binge harder than you’ve ever binged before. Because Ali Wong is a stud, and Natasha Leggero’s new companion comedy collection is a real home-run. And then we sprinkled in some newcomers you’ve probably never seen that you might like to try on for size. If they don’t fit, send them back (with a receipt).

That right, it’s comedy hour here at Mandatory, and we’re going all day and all night until either we pass out or piss ourselves. Hopefully both, but not in that order.


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