Watch These Pelicans Crash Pepperdine’s Graduation Ceremony

Brown Pelican diving. Photo: Per-Gunnar Ostby (Getty)

Having your esteemed graduates receive their degrees on a plot of land overlooking the ocean obviously has its perks, but as several pelicans pointed out over the weekend, it can also be a pain in the ass.

According to UPI, it wasn’t just wealthy human beings who wanted the best seat in the house for Pepperdine University’s graduation ceremony in Malibu on Saturday. A pair of pelicans landed in the crowd and created quite the ruckus among the attendees.

“When your university is located next to the Pacific Ocean, at some point pelicans are bound to crash your graduation,” Grant Dillon wrote on his YouTube page. Since uploading the clip on Saturday, it has already been viewed over 140,000 times.

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Huge props to one pelican who decided that the whole “first come, first serve” idea is for suckers and plopped his ass down front and center for a few moments before being whisked away by several annoyed AARP members.

Unlike drunk guys who run onto the diamond at a baseball game, the pelican wasn’t tased or tackled by four out-of-shape security guards. Instead, this one was a bit nippy and refused to leave the scene until he watched the senior he had been stalking for four years receive her degree. Well played.