Alaskan Newspaper Delivery Man Continues Route Despite Getting Stabbed

Paperboy Delivering the Newspaper. Photo: CSA-Printstock (Getty)

There is dedication to your craft, and then there’s whatever you would call this.

According to KTVA, an Anchorage newspaper delivery man was stabbed multiple times during a brutal Tuesday morning assault along his route. Instead of beelining it to the nearest hospital, authorities said the man continued to disperse papers to his customers.

Just how did the police know that an Anchorage Daily News paperboy had been shanked? You guessed it — customers who walked outside to grab their copies of Alaska’s largest collection of Trump stories and coupons noticed they were covered in blood. There was also a blood trail that led away from their apartment complex.

Crime scene with footprints and bloodstain in snow, close up. Photo: Westend61 (Getty)

“The only reason we knew that a crime had been committed was the blood,” APD spokesman MJ Thim said. “We got a hold of surveillance video from the apartment complex and determined that it was the newspaper-delivery person at about 3:30 in the morning, and he had blood all over him.”

Let’s hope the motive behind the crime was a little more sound than this: Oregon Man Stabs Guy Because ‘Taylor Swift Told Him To Do It’

Surprisingly, when police caught up with the paperboy at his house five hours later, he still hadn’t called 911. He simply told the officers that three men had stabbed and assaulted him, and he just continued delivering the newspapers on his bike before going home.

Police and worried readers initially thought the man had been the victim of a dog attack, but doctors who eventually treated him confirmed he had actually been diced up with some form of blade. No word on why the stabbing took place or why 911 wasn’t called immediately, but we’re pretty sure we know the one newspaper that is going to have the inside scoop.