Costco Is Selling A Diamond Ring Worth A Fortune

Photo: Getty Images

Husbands and future-husbands across the world are questioning their Costco memberships after the whole-sale super-chain put out a rock for sale worth nearly a half-million bucks.

That’s right. Imagine going to Costco, hoping to score a pallet full of skirt-steaks for the grill at half price, maybe a $20 pair of Calvin Klein denim? Possibly a three-pack of Rogaine that you know is exponentially cheaper than Target or your local Walgreens (just me?).

Then, your wife, or girlfriend, sees this.

That bad boy is currently for sale at a Costco in Australia.

Yup, 6.55-carats of diamond ring, complete with a platinum band. And it can be yours for the blood-pumping price of  $499,999.99 AUD ($388,801.72 USD).

The fact that the ring is between bulk AA batteries and dustpans is the most comical part. Hey, I guess truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

The initial twitter response didn’t disappoint.

Who knows? Maybe this ring at the local jewelry store would cost you $501,000. It’s all about savings.

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If you’re a super-shopper, Overstock also has a fine selection of ridiculous stones as well.

But when she asks, you got it from your cousin Vinnie’s private dealer.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes for Mandatory.