Model of a Dinosaur Park

Ever Seen A T-Rex On Fire? One Went Up In Flames At An Amusement Park

Photo: somethingway (Getty Images)

Remember that lady who was busted having sex with a T-Rex exhibit? Quite the horrible sight. Another horrible sight? What went down at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Canon City, Colorado, recently.

According to Sploid, On Thursday, a huge T-Rex statue went up in flames and boy was it terrifying. And while there’s barely a chance that any real-life dinosaur ever went up in flames (before the asteroid that is), now’s your chance to actually see one experiencing hell.

Have a look at this T-Rex caught up in a ball of fire.

The fire, an electrical one, didn’t damage anything else in the park, and thankfully no one was hurt. The only thing that was hurt was this poor dinosaur. Just look at the aftermath:

Well that’s kind of a depressing sight. But hey, here’s hoping folks at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience can get this fella some new skin so he can go back to being quite the popular sight for all the visitors.


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