Not a Morning Person? Study Says That Makes You Happier and More Intelligent

Photo: Bruno Crescia / Design Pics (Getty Images)

Don’t you just hate it when you need to wake up early in the morning, somehow drag your half-asleep body to work and try to be at least one percent human being, only to be greeted by the annoyingly chirpy colleague who is a morning person? Well, it appears that now, thanks to science, you’ll finally have an argument that will shut their happy mouth once and for all. According to a recent study named “Why night owls are more intelligent,” people who have trouble getting up in the morning are actually more intelligent and creative than those who don’t. So, the next time you’re late for everything as always, just remember that you’re a genius. OK, maybe not a genius, but close enough.

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In case you can’t be bothered to read the entire article, we’ll just go ahead and tell you the gist of their theory. The starting point for their theory is a popular definition of intelligence as the ability to adapt to change. Since our primal ancestors weren’t exactly creatures of the night, our tendency to stay up late and sleep in is something new. We’ve adapted to a new lifestyle and that, apparently, makes some of us more intelligent than others. Yeah, it seems that you wanting to stay up late and binge-watch the entire 8th season of Game of Thrones is actually a sign of intelligence, who knew?

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What about waking up late and your inability to even function before 10AM? You might think that it has something to do with laziness and copious amounts of alcohol last night, but you would be mistaken. This is actually a demonstration of your control over your body and tendency to listen when it speaks. Even though the alarm clock says otherwise, you know that your organism is not ready to wake up just yet, so you simply press the snooze button every time. A morning person is incapable of that level of self-control.

A study conducted in 1998 came to a conclusion that people who stay up late and don’t wake up before 8AM lead a happier and more productive life. They also concluded that these people earn more money, but they might just be pushing it with compliments now. We know you’re blushing. The aforementioned study, however, also came to a conclusion that spending too much time in bed (by yourself they mean) at night comes with an increased risk of mortality but we’ll just try to ignore that fact and sleep in when we want to since we’re intelligently superior, right? Right.