Mom Finds Secret Basement In Kitchen And This Is How Horror Movies Begin

Photo: eugenekeebler (Getty)

Growing up, everyone was scared to go down into the basement because that is where everything that could murder you resided. Hell, even as a grown up some folks still feel uncomfortable going down into any basement, which is why it’s pretty damn eerie to hear that one lady actually found a secret basement in the middle of her kitchen.

A Twitter user named Sam shared a photo of his mom’s kitchen which shows a hidden door in her kitchen that apparently takes her down into a basement. What makes this stranger? Sam’s mom has lived in that house for over a year and just noticed this.

And this Twitter user pretty much had everyone’s reaction to this discovery:

But Sam revealed what was down there:

But even with those facts, Twitter was still freaked out:

So chances are if you look through your place right now there is probably a hidden room or hidden door where evidence of a crime is waiting to be discovered.

h/t Mashable

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