Actor Leads Police On Chase Because He Didn’t Want To Miss His Performance

Photo: Andrey_Kuzmin

Although dangerous, one must admit it’s hard to turn your eyes away from a good police chase. Heck, sometimes the ridiculousness of attempting to evade police means clothing is optional. Either way, you always want to see how it ends.

Especially when the man police pull over says he can’t go to jail because he has a ‘play’ to get to.

Ladies and gents, meet David Neese, the Shakespeare of the highway.

Photo: via Fox 6

The 61-year-old was pulled over in Sheboygan County (Wisconsin) earlier this month for a busted headlight. Once the officer realized Neese was wanted for theft he tried to get him in cuffs. But Neese wasn’t going into custody. Nope. He had a performance to get to.

In fact, he politely added that he would “turn himself in after the show.” And then, took off.

In the video below you see Neese gets pulled over twice before having to stop a third time after police get him with a spike strip, puncturing his tires. But the beginning of the video is possibly the best part; as Neese starts to drive off you can audibly hear the officer casually say …

“He just ran away because he has a play and can’t be arrested right now.”

Fox 6 confirmed that Neese was headed for the Calumet County Community Theatre where he was in their cast of “Noises Off.” We looked up the play and can’t imagine it without Speedracer Neese.

And in case you’re wondering, Neese never made it to the show.

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