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Man Who Got X-Rated Sites Tattooed On Face Needs Money To Have Them Removed

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Remember the guy that was complaining he couldn’t get a job because of his giant face tattoo? Well he’s not the only one with face tattoo issues. Let’s all talk about Billy Gibbs.

Back in 2003, Gibbs, a father-of-five, who was also homeless, thought up of quite the quick solution to get cash: he decided to tattoo X-rated websites on his body, but mainly his face. One of the companies that paid Gibbs to put their site on his face? Good old Pornhub. As if they need more people to know who they are.

Gibbs eventually was able to make $23,676 off his face tats. Well fast-forward 15 years later and Gibbs now wants the tattoos off his mug.

Photo: GoFundme

That’s right, kids, Gibbs needs your money to get rid of all those tattoos off his face, and he’s already started the process. At the moment, Gibbs has $6,690 of his $20,000. And another thing: Gibbs legally changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom for money, too. Oh boy.

Gibbs has kept folks updated on his life, and according to him he now has removed 75% of his face tattoos, and covers the rest with makeup.

Here he is now:

Photo: GoFundme

Quite the turnaround. I’m just baffled that companies would actually be OK with some poor dude getting terrible face tattoos simply for some cash, but it’s nice to see this dude is at least well on his way to living a normal life.

To read more about Gibbs’ bizarre story head on to GoFundme.

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