Italian Officials Found More Than A Half-Ton Of Undelivered Mail In One Lazy Postman’s Garage

Photo: BassittART (Getty)

Newman once told Jerry that the mail never stops, but that’s apparently not the case in Italy.

According to The Seattle Times, postal police in the Italian city of Vicenza recently uncovered more than 1,263 pounds of undelivered mail in a postman’s garage in what is being called the “biggest seizure of mail ever undertaken in Italy.”

Officials said the 56-year-old “rogue” postman had accumulated all of the utility bills, bank statements, old phone books, political propaganda mailings from the 2010 regional elections and other mail over the last eight years, and he might have gotten away with it if not for volunteers at a recycling center who called police after finding 25 giant yellow mail bins with mail still inside of them.

The good news for the people of Vicenza is that all of the mail will now be delivered, but that still won’t be enough for some families who had either their gas, water or electricity shut off for a period of time while their bills and statements sat in this dude’s garage.

And just think, they might still be there if he hadn’t been such a “nice” guy and tried to recycle all of the mail instead of just sending it to a landfill.

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