Doctors Discover 6-Year-Old Chili Pepper In Woman’s Lung

Photo: RussieseO (Getty)

There are times where doctors find bizarre things inside of people. There was the time that doctors found 263 coins and 100 nails inside of a man’s stomach. And then there was the time that docs discovered a piece of braces inside a woman’s intestines. And those are just some of strange findings. But now it’s time we talk about the chili pepper discovery.

A woman in northwest China who suffered fevers and breathing problems for six years finally got the reason behind it all: she had a 1.1 inch chili pepper stuck in one of her lungs. The pepper was found after she went for a check-up at a hospital in Tongchuan in Shaanxi province, because of her difficulty breathing.

The doctor behind all this, Luo Lifeng, says that he had to operate to remove the pepper because the lung was already severely infected. But the operation was a success as doctors removed the pepper from the 41-year-old’s lung.

And now this lady can tell all her friends the time she inhaled a pepper and it caused chaos for six years. I’m sure that will make her the talk of the party.

Via South China Morning Post

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