So Ikea Wants Pregnant Women To Pee On This Ad To Get A Discount


Everyone loves a good discount, right? And everyone loves a sale, correct? Awesome. Are you willing to drop your pants and pee on something simply to get it? Well that’s exactly what the folks at Ikea want pregnant women to do.

The internet is a bit baffled as a new print ad has been released by the furniture and home decor giant that pretty much wants pregnant gals to pee on an ad of a baby crib to reveal a discount. Yep. According to Adweek, the ad is running in Swedish magazine Amelia, and uses the same kind of technology as at-home pregnancy tests.

Check out the video below to see how it works (don’t worry, no one pees in this video).

I’m only wondering if women actually have to bring in their pee-soaked ad into the store. I’m also wondering if cashiers will have to handle all that urine. These are important questions. But now let’s see how Twitter is reacting to this:

h/t Huffington Post

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