Drunk Dude Charged $2,200 After Taking Cab Through 3 Countries

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov\TASS  (Getty Images)

So how was your New Year’s Eve? Was it pretty amazing? Did you get trashed? Well something tells me that you weren’t so trashed that you took a taxi cab across three countries like the dude in this story.

According to Metro, an still unnamed man partied so hard and drank so much that he entered a taxi and sent the driver through a 372 mile trip. It kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark, through Sweden, and then ended up in Norway’s capital, Oslo. All in all the trip took six hours and left the man with a £1,640 taxi fare ($2,217).

The man, in his 40s, refused to pay the driver once he arrived at home, and simply just made his way to bed. The driver of course became irate and reached out to police. Police found the drunk mess in his bed, and when woken up by police he agreed to pay his taxi fare.

It doesn’t end there as the taxi driver needed a recovery vehicle because his car battery died. Probably not the best night for that driver, but it was one hell of a night for that drunk dude.

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