Woman Gets ‘No Ragrets’ Henna Tattoo But Now It Won’t Go Away

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

We’ve all seen the hilarious movie, We’re The Millers. And we all know about that scene where Scottie P. lowers his tank to reveal his tattoo:

A great scene, and because of it one woman named Ashley Burke decided to get a “No Ragrets” henna tattoo when she went on vacation to Mexico with her family. Big mistake.

Burke got the same tattoo as in the movie, right across her chest. And what was supposed to be a joke turned not so funny when Burke got a bad reaction. And now the tattoo refuses to go away.

Here’s a closer look:

Oh man.

It has been more than a week since Burke and her family returned from vacation and the letters are still very visible on her skin.

“Henna is not black. Never has been black…never will be black. If anyone is ever offering you black henna temporary tattoos, it can have lasting effects. Just protect your family and research everything.” Burke said on Wednesday.

Check out the news video below to see how Burke’s henna tattoo is looking now:

The resort in Cozumel did apologize to Burke and have promised to pay for any medical expenses.

Via KHOU 11

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