Meme VS. Meme: Candy Canes – Delicious Or Prison Shanks?

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are also plenty of folks who don’t really know what that means, so they complain about little things on the internet using everyone’s favorite platform — memes! Since no one can stand hearing an argument go unopposed, most of the time memes that are against something or cast a certain behavior in a negative light have their fair share of detractors (also in meme form, of course).

When it comes to candy canes, we figured much like candy corn in October, there would be a huge divide among the meme community. However, we soon discovered that when it comes to candy cane memes, they’re either moderately humorous observations about the holiday treat or — shockingly — pointing out that they make a great shiv when properly whittled down.

Candy Canes – Delicious Or Prison Shanks?

Wait, what?

That’s right, for every clever candy cane meme, we theorize there is a striped prison shank meme to match it. Ready to put it to the test?

So there you have it. Candy canes are as much a tasty ride on the peppermint express as they are a deadly makeshift skewer that the kids can fashion all by themselves. Isn’t Christmas magical?

Speaking of the Christmas magic, this guy practically rewrote the book on it, then starred in the movie (although none of that will likely come up here): Evil Kermit VS. “But That’s None Of My Business”