Husband Walks In On Christian School Teacher In Bed With Teen

Photo: William_Potter (Getty)

What, so you’re surprised that another teacher was busted hooking up with a student? It’s becoming the norm these days.

Andrea Nicole Baber, a 29-year-old former Christian school teacher, was recently arrested at her home in  Cottage Grove, Oregon, after her husband walked in on her in bed with a student. According to authorities, after they were caught, the teen’s father received an anonymous email asking whether he knew his son and the Logan Christian Academy teacher were in a sexual relationship. Oh, and they were photos of Baber and the teen in bed attached to the email.

Husband Walks In On Christian School Teacher In Bed With Teen

Photo: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Once the email was reported, police determined that Baber and the student had been having sex “on a regular basis.” They also learned that Baber had been in a relationship wit the kid, then 15-years-old, since 2016 and often gave the student pot and alcohol.

Baber of course doesn’t work at the school, and because of her crime she has been charged with sodomy, rape and contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.

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