The Latest AI Technology Can Determine Sexual Orientation From Faces

Facial Recognition System concept. Photo: chombosan (Getty).

We are inching ever closer to the machines taking over. And you know what? Maybe it’s time they had a shot at it. The dinosaurs didn’t really accomplish much, aside from being around for millions of years. Humans haven’t really given this planet a reason to keep us around. And as technology keeps advancing, a computer is going to know everything about you just by looking at you, anyways. Man… let’s hope these robots never learn how to roast battle.

Latest AI Can Determine Sexual Orientation From Faces

A recent article from The Economist details a new AI technology that can determine a person’s sexual orientation and even their political leanings just by putting their face through an algorithm. The article starts out seeming like new-age phrenology. But think about it, we do this all the time. In fact, humans wouldn’t have survived without these snap judgments. Quickly assessing a situation and sizing another person up is something we all do.

But now, the computers can do this! Plus, they have the advantage of being able to look at your internet footprint. This seems like a bad idea. It also feels like betrayal. What we search for while in incognito mode is supposed to be between us and our computers. I don’t need my own computer’s judgment!

But like with most things involving technology, it will depend on how it’s used. It has the potential to change the way to world works, but will probably just be used to make better Snapchat filters.

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