Bella Hadid Tried Super Hard To Be Cool And Started A Hilarious Meme

Photo: Instagram/Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is super hot, that much is known. But while we enjoy looking at the 21-year-old go braless in NYC, it was difficult watching the model use slang during an interview with Complex — so much so that Twitter had to go ahead and make fun of her.

During the interview, Hadid pretty much spends her time “shopping” and sharing with everyone what she digs and what she doesn’t dig. And what does she dig? Saying the words “dope,” “homeboy,” fresh” and “with it” a lot. Like, a lot.

Take a look at this unintentionally hilarious clip of the interview below.

So much cringe. And Twitter wasn’t going to let Hadid get away with any of that so they of course pointed fun at her for her use of all those words, especially “homeboy.” Have a look at some of the reactions:

The internet is ruthless and we love it.

h/t Someecards

But hey, at least she did this: Bella Hadid Went Braless In NYC And Boy Was It Noticeable