Either This Guy’s Ass Has A Bright Idea, Or He’s Coursing With Electricity

Senior man being electrocuted by lightning, portrait. Photo: Nick Vedros (Getty).

I’m no electrician, but there might be some faulty wiring at play in the following video. I am, of course, referring to both the light fixture and the contents of this gentleman’s brain. However, that’s just a mere observation based the fact that he’s a grown man sticking a light bulb into his butt crack and passing electricity through his body to illuminate it. Yep, that pretty much sums up your feature presentation. Dim the lights…

Bright Idea? Man Puts Light Bulb Up His Ass And Actually Makes It Illuminate

Just be glad he was able to take the bulb out before falling over like that. We see enough hilariously horrifying surgical removal stories around here as it is. Unless the bulb getting stuck in his ass caused some sort of Ernest Goes to Jail situation where he started farting out electric current. That we’d stick around for. Until then, he’s just another numbskull putting things up his rectum for the doctor to eventually look at on an x-ray.

via Meme Central

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