Set the Mood This Valentine’s Day with Philips Hue


Beyond the flowers, the box of chocolates, and everything else that comes with February 14th, if you ask any woman what she likes most about Valentine’s Day, her answer will be because she “loves girly stuff like hearts” and “colors like pink and red.” Red is a sexy color after all, often used in sex shops, strip clubs, and other adult entertainment productions or venues. Red lights were also used as signs for brothels, which is where the term “red-light district” originates from.

As you can see, setting the mood for her on Valentine’s Day will set the tone for you as well. And any extra effort you put in will most likely be reciprocated. Philips Hue makes it almost effortless, so you can get right down to business.

The Philips Hue bulb replaces any standard A19 lightbulb with a smart LED bulb that can take on a variety of colors and is controlled by a smartphone app. Simply screw them into the base (a starter kit comes with three bulbs), hook the wireless bridge to your router, download the app, press a button and you’re all set to start altering your lights in a number of different colors and intensity settings – in this case for Valentine’s Day, red or pink, or some combination of both.

This is a great way to set a romantic vibe during dinner, or to light the bedroom in a sensual, flattering way. Since Philips Hue light’s color can be changed on the fly, you can play like you planned ahead and matched the lights to a set of lingerie, the flowers you got her, or even the color of the eye shadow she’s wearing. The attention to detail will win you some bonus points.


Granted, Valentine’s Day can be an expensive venture, so adding a set of $200 smart home lights is a tough sell, but Philips Hue is something you might just fall head over heels in love with and forget about your hot date. We especially enjoy the ability to shut off or dim the lights while in bed – so long as your phone is on your bedside end table. Plus, the color hues can be changed to fit any holiday, any mood, even to show your team pride by setting it to your favorite team’s colors.

It’s open source, so a number of non-Philips created apps populate the app store offering a ton of added control. A Halloween app mimics creepy lightning effects while an Independence Day app shows off your American pride and sets off fireworks. Or, simply load up your favorite song and watch the lights “dance” to the rhythm. It also works with the popular If This Then That app, so you could even have her wake up to the color of her favorite roses when the clock strikes 7AM on the morning of February 14th.

Whatever your reason to use them – be it to set the mood for a romantic date at home, or to liven up your next party, Philips Hue might just be more deserving of the box of chocolates and flowers.