Dog Sitter Invites Tinder Date To House, Has Dog Stolen

Photo: Leonia Police Department

Remember a little while back we told you about a guy who had to call the police after his Tinder date refused to leave his home? Well we have another bizarre story involving Tinder.

An 18-year-old woman was recently house and dog sitting for a neighbor when for some reason she decided to invite a man she had swiped right on on Tinder over to the house — you know, a house that isn’t hers. And according to the Leonia Police Department the woman’s Tinder date did arrive…with another man.

CBS New York reports that while the woman was distracted by one of the men, wouldn’t you know it but the other guy was able to steal a laptop and an Amazon package. Oh yeah, they also stole the 2-year-old white female Maltese named Maggie that the woman was dog sitting.

Photo: Leonia Police Department

And well, the men responsible for stealing the dog have not been found. Maggie the dog also hasn’t been found. The Leonia Police Department is asking for anyone who may have seen Maggie or who has information about this case to call (201) 944-0800 or email

In other news, please don’t invite people over to your home that you’ve never met in public before. And in other, other news please don’t invite people over to hang out in a home that isn’t even yours.

h/t COED

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