Kansas Police Trolls Teen After He Brags On Twitter About Vaping

Screenshot: Twitter/Blake Albert

As stiff as police come across sometimes, some police departments actually have a sense of humor and they make sure to show just that when the opportunity arises. Well guess what? An opportunity arose and a police department in Lawrence, Kansas took advantage of it.

A teen named Blake Albert decided to film his friend Alex vaping what we will assume is weed in front of what the teen thinks is a “police car.” You know, just two teens who are doing everything in their power to come across as complete d-bags. But not to worry, because the Lawrence Police called them out and trolled them.

Let’s first take a look at what Blake and Alex tweeted at the Lawrence Police.

And here was the police’s response back to them.

That’s right, what they were posing in front of was not a police car but a water service vehicle. And like a true friend Blake quickly threw his own friend under the bus.

But Twitter didn’t care because they roasted both idiots.

Yeah, these two airheads weren’t made for a life on the streets. Get back to playing lacrosse, fellas.

h/t Someecards

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