The 17 Worst (Or Best) Tramp Stamps You Will Ever See, Vol. 3

Photo: via Mirror

When it comes to the worst tramp stamps you will ever see, there’s just too many to have only a single volume. That’s right, we had not one but two volumes of tramp stamps for you until now.

We all know the problem with movies today: They get the first one right, try it keep it going with a second that flops then drags the good name through the mud with an over-budgeted special effects third installment that makes you want to claw your own eyes out. But we’re not going to let that happen. In fact, we’re working up some of the best goddamn tramp stamps this side of the Mississippi.

As far as funny photos go, Mandatory is only concerned with those that promote loss of bladder control and series of other combustible bodily functions that are perfect for your workday. Should you love a good tramp stamp, you’ve come the right place. And should you have a tramp stamp yourself, we’re sure they’ll come back around in the trend cycle. How could they not?

The 17 Worst (Or Best) Tramp Stamps You Will Ever See, Vol. 3

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