The Internet Is Mystified And Confused Over This Vacation Photo

Photo: Facebook/Archbishop of Banterbury

You should know by now that we are suckers for optical illusions. Hell, maybe we are just suckers in general. But that’s totally fine because we can’t help but enjoy these bizarre photos that leave us scratching our head. And the photo below is just another one of those photos.

The internet is currently confused over a vacation photo shared by the Archbishop of Banterbury Facebook, a photo with the caption: “F***in’ hell, I thought she was holding the tree”. The photo shows a couple taking a snap at an exotic location. But what makes is so baffling is that it looks like the woman in the photo is holding a palm tree. We think.

Take a look at the photo below.

So how is that possible? We’re trying to figure out why it looks like she’s holding a tree up and we really can’t. Here are just some of the reactions on Facebook.

“She is holding a bag but that still doesn’t explain the bit on top of her bag which looks identical to the tree? Her whole top arm is missing?”

“Been staring at this for the past how long and still can’t figure out what she’s holding apart from a tree.”

“I can’t get her to stop holding the tree? What’s homegirl holding?” 

Some people believe that maybe her hair is longer than it appears and it is over her shoulder, covering her shoulder. But even that doesn’t make any sense and I’m baffled.

Do you have an explanation?

h/t News.Au

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