New York Man Thinks This Dead Boy Is Haunting His Apartment

Photo: Twitter/Adam Ellis

A New York man named Adam Ellis claims that a dead boy with a dented skull named ‘Dear David’ is haunting his apartment. At first he only appeared in dreams, but now Adam says he believes he’s appearing in real-life and his cats all know what’s up.

His thread just started trending on Twitter.

Adam then says that he had another dream where he met a girl in the library who asks him, “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?” The girl then explains that he’s dead, only appears at midnight and that you can ask him two questions if you say ‘dear David’ first. If you ask a third question he’ll kill you.

Adam, now terrified for his life, begins Googling deaths in the city or anything relating to a ‘David’ to no avail.

He moved into the vacant apartment upstairs. But it appears Dear David has followed him.

Adam is now desperate, using salt to ‘block’ the spirit from coming in.

The cats are still trying to tell him something.

Twitter followers are freaking out.

Is Adam doomed? Will this Dear David actually hurt him? Is Dear David a ghost? Is Dear David a chemical leak making Adam lose his mind? Should Ghostbusters be called? Is this all a clever hoax to go viral in hopes to sell a script? SO many questions.

While sleep paralysis is actually a thing, I will say the fact that he has multiple cats already makes me a skeptic.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor for Mandatory.