Burglar Busted After DNA Evidence From Unflushed Poop Leads Police To Him

Photo: htomas (Getty)

You are taught to flush after you use the bathroom at a very early age, but apparently no one taught the dude in this story about that. And now he’s going to prison.

It all kicked off when police learned of a California home that had been burglarized by someone. And it became clear who that “someone” was because the person who ransacked the home decided to poop in the home’s bathroom before leaving. And guess what? The idiot didn’t flush so he left easy DNA evidence for the police. And that gross DNA evidence led police to Andrew David Jensen.

According to Detective Tim Lohman of the Ventura county sheriff’s office, Jensen “did his business and didn’t flush it.” That dumb move allowed investigators to collect evidence to conduct a DNA profile. It matched another profile in a national database and from there detectives were able to track down the suspect at his home.

Lohman adds that it was the first DNA burglary match case he knew of involving evidence collected from a toilet. That might be true, because as someone who watches Cold Case Files I’ve never heard poop mentioned at all.

Jensen was arrested on suspicion of first-degree residential burglary.

h/t The Guardian

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