The Internet Freaking Lost It After They Found Out Mr. Peanut’s Vehicle Is Called The ‘NUTmobile’

Photo: Ben Hider (Getty)

Planters Peanut Company has been around more than 100 years, and the same can be said for their mascot, Mr. Peanut. And during all that time no one had a clue that that weird peanut with a top hat had a name for his car. And you know what else? No one knew the name of it. Until now that is. Take a look at what Planters tweeted recently.

That’s right, it’s called the “NUTmobile.” And we aren’t even shining a light on the fact that Mr. Peanut’s first name is Richard. Yes, his name is Dick Peanut. More on that later. But let’s first take a look at Twitter’s reaction to learning the name of Mr. Peanut’s vehicle.

And now let’s shine a light on the fact that his name is Dick Peanut. Twitter also chimed in on this.

What a strange year it’s been so far.

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