Twitter User Makes Bizarre Realization About Big Bird’s Name And Freaks Everyone Out

Photo: PBS/HBO

I actually don’t recall watching much of Sesame Street growing up but I of course knew all about those puppets whose goal was to make sure you learned your numbers and your ABC’s. And even if you have never seen an episode of Sesame Street in your life you know all about that big yellow bird.

But now a Twitter user named tomwalkerisgood has just pointed out something about Big Bird that might change things forever. Check out his tweet below.

bird big

That’s right, boys and girls, there are probably giant birds flying around that neighborhood, plucking people off the ground. And that thought alone has freaked Twitter out. Have a look at some of the responses below.

So make sure to tell your kid that there are huge birds roaming around Sesame Street, quietly hunting their next meal.

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