This Girl’s Desktop Is So Incredibly Messy It’s Giving Twitter Anxiety

Photo: fizkes (Getty)

Everyone and their mom gets anxiety these days and everyone has their own trigger. But it seems like a photo of a girl’s desktop has become everyone’s trigger and that’s because it is so messy it is almost absurd. Let us explain.

A Twitter user named Aida decided to share a text message conversation between herself and her friend Carley. Aida explains that “every day, Carley texts me a screenshot of her desktop and every day, it gets worse.” And then Aida proceeds to show everyone three screenshots of a desktop that is so cluttered, so messy that it is driving everyone to hyperventilate.

Check out the tweet below.

Has this girl ever heard of a folder? And if she has, why does she enjoy torturing herself?

This tweet of course blew up, but that is only because it was driving everyone mad. Check out some of the reactions below.

But it seems like Carley has gotten the hint because this is what Aida then tweeted:

We are getting there slowly but surely.

h/t Someecards

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