Woman Brings Breastmilk Brownies To School, Doesn’t Get Why People Are Pissed

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I’m always baffled when people get upset when women decide to breastfeed in public as if it is such a horrible thing. It’s not. But I do understand why people are completely pissed off and grossed out at a woman who admitted to using her own breastmilk in a batch of brownies she made — brownies she then brought to a bake sale at school.

An unnamed mother wrote a Facebook post complaining about all the backlash she has received after folks discovered she had used her own breastmilk in a brownie batch instead of regular milk. The woman doesn’t see a problem with it at all because some kids “could use the nutrition.” Yes. She actually said that.

Let’s first take a look at her ridiculous Facebook post — a post discovered and shared by a popular Facebook group for moms called Santimommy.

Woman Brings Brownies Made Using Her Breastmilk To School, Doesn’t Get Why People Are Pissed

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Obviously this post went viral with people chiming in with their opinions and their jokes.

Oh great. Now think about what was in those chocolate chip cookies she brought last week.

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