Texas School District Approves Paddling As Punishment For Misbehaving Students

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Looks like Texas is turning the clock way, way back.

Remember how your grandparents used to tell you that back in their day teachers would beat students if they misbehaved? Well, it looks like that will be returning to Texas as the Three Rivers Independent School District board approved recently that a paddle will be allowed to be used by teachers to administer corporal punishment when a student misbehaves at school.


Trustees voted 6-0 on the decision, a policy that states only a campus’ behavior coordinator or principal can administer the disciplinary measure. And all that the school needs is  written and verbal consent from parents who are OK with their kid getting one paddling for an infraction.

“If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion,” Superintendent Mary Springs said

Students will receive ‘one paddling for each misdemeanor’, such as not following school rules or disobeying teachers. Only three schools in the district agreed to this, a district that currently educates kids age four to 18.


Here’s what campus behavior co-ordinator, Andrew Amaro had to say

“We will look at how many discipline referrals were made compared to last year and how many times (corporal punishment) was administered. If it reduces the number of discipline referrals, then that is a good thing.”

This will obviously not work, and there is no way in hell they will spank some preteen without getting hit back. Once again Texas is clueless.

What’s your stance on this?

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