This Women’s Flight Went From A Dream To A Freaking Nightmare In An Instant

Photo: Twitter/Jessie Char

When you get on a plane you really only hope for two things: One: that the plane of course doesn’t end up at the bottom of the sea. And two: that your row of seats is completely empty and you can enjoy the flight all by yourself. And luckily for Jessie Char she got just that as she realized that she was the only person sitting in her row.

Take a look at the photo below thanks to Char’s Twitter.

All is well, right? Well, Not exactly. Char then tweeted this:

No, someone didn’t sit next to her. Something much, much worse happened.

That’s right. The passenger seated in the row behind Char decided to be a complete a-hole. Who in the hell does that? Awful humans that’s right. And according to Char this is what happened next.

And of course Twitter was mortified.

Hey folks, it’s common sense, stay away from putting your grimy feet in someone’s space.

h/t Metro

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