A Couple Actually Used A Baby Carrier To Sneak Food Into A Movie Theatre And The Internet Has Gone Nuts

Screenshot: Twitter

If you’re wallet isn’t empty after buying some movie tickets, it will be once you spend an absurd amount on treats to munch on while you’re watching your movie. And that’s why the Twitter user below is coming across as a genius as he revealed that he actually got a baby carrier simply to sneak food into the movies.

Twitter user @Barrington_14 shared a video of him and his gal stocking up the baby carrier with all types of goodies. You know, like a soda that probably cost a dollar and change and not six to seven dollars that it costs at the movies. He also tosses in some candy and other goodies and then is ready to enjoy his flick with his date.

Check out the hilarious tweet below.

And you just knew that folks on Twitter were going to chime in with all sorts of opinions. Here are some replies.

Hey, they saved about $40, so in my book it is a success.

h/t Distractify

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