Denny’s New Mascot Literally Looks Like Poop And Twitter Is Going Nuts

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

Unless you find yourself trashed at 3am and starving, you probably don’t go out of your way to eat at Denny’s. Then again there are brave souls who go to the restaurant while sober in order to stuff their face with garbage — mainly Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. And now Denny’s can be known for something other than their Grand Slam, they can now be known for their mascot that looks like a freaking turd.

That’s right, folks, Denny’s came to the conclusion that they needed a new mascot that they can plaster their menus with. So what did they decide? They decided to put a friendly cartoon sausage wearing a fedora on their menu. The only problem? It looks like poop.

That sure is one happy turd. And since no one in the Denny’s marketing department was smart enough to realize this looks like actual shit, Twitter was more than happy to call Denny’s out on their blunder. Take a look at the internet’s most hilarious responses to this.

Yeah, Denny’s may want to think up of a new mascot.

h/t Mashable

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