Breast Implant Found In Utensil Holder At Texas Strip Club

Photo: tentan (Getty)

You might want to seriously consider ordering your fish and chips somewhere else, guys.

According to the Statesman, Cassidy’s Polo Club, a titty bar in Amarillo, received just “an average number of demerits” last month despite the fact that a breast implant was found in the utensil drawer behind the bar. There was “no word” on how the fake boob wound up there, but it’s good to see that that’s considered unusual, even in Amarillo, Texas.


The club received nine demerits in all, with some of them coming as a result of a “lack of a certified food manager, bottle nozzles and beer cooler racks that needed to be cleaned and floor tiles that needed to be replaced.” There were also test strips to measure pH balance that were “not present,” but that’s obviously nothing compared to looking or reaching into a utensil holder outside of Hugh Hefner’s residence and finding a breast implant.

Photo: Via

Photo: Via

It’s unknown which one of the club’s employees is the rightful owner of the implant, but that should be rather simple to figure out if all hands are on deck (or stage) for tomorrow night’s performance.

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