Woman Arrested On Outstanding Warrant After Bear Crashes Her Tent

Photo: Alasdair Turner (Getty)

Get that bear a badge.

Something tells me that when this Christine Chalp decided to go out and camp in Centennial Park in Anchorage, Alaska, she wasn’t expecting to be confronted by a bear. Oh, and she wasn’t expecting to be arrested but that’s exactly what happened.

It all kicked off when a concerned citizen called police and informed them a bear had crashed a tent, possibly with someone inside of it. Police arrived, but the bear was nowhere to be found. But Chalp was found in the tent, as according to her she played dead to evade the bear. All is well, right? Nope. The 58-year-old was given a citation for feeding game after police discovered food and trash around her campsite. And that’s illegal because it attracts large game.


But Chalp’s nightmare wasn’t over quite yet. Police also discovered that there was a warrant out for Chalp’s arrest on misdemeanor failure-to-appear for disorderly conduct. So guess what? She was arrested. That’s right. Not only was Chalp almost mauled by a bear, but she ended up getting arrested.

Talk about a shitty day, folks. I’m just going to assume that bear was working undercover.

h/t Mashable

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