KFC Finally Brings Back Man’s Favorite Menu Time After He Bugs Them For A Year

Photo: Twitter/Facebook

If at first you don’t succeed, keep tweeting until you do.

I’m still bummed that they took the Pop-Tarts cereal off the shelf — it was an incredible cereal. But I moved on with my life (sort of). But don’t tell that to a Twitter user named Farhan Borst, who was so upset that KFC has taken the Hot Devil Drumlets off their menu that he decided to keep bugging them to bring it back. Oh, and he bugged them for a year.

The menu item is only found in Singapore, and apparently this spicy chicken menu item was so damn good that Farhan just couldn’t get over it when KFC removed it. Just look at how often he brought up the chicken to KFC on Twitter.

Farhan kept this up for a damn year until he finally got a response from KFC — and it was good news.

Here’s a closer look:


Photo: Twitter/Facebook


Photo: Twitter/Facebook

Now that’s a success story.

“My first reaction [to this was] nah, this has to be fake…because my close friends know I love fried chicken,” Farhan told Mashable. “So I clicked KFC’s profile and [saw that it was real] I was just stunned. I mean they actually noticed the tweets and made an effort to contact me.”

And here’s what one KFC spokesperson had to say:

“As an appreciation for his fervent support, we wanted to let him have the first taste of the Hot Devil Drumlets comeback.”

And guess what? They kept their word.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Good going, Farhan. Here’s a video of Farhan getting his drumlets.

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