Pregnant Florida Woman Arrested For Cupcake Assault

Photo:  juliannafunk (Getty)

Of course this took place in Florida.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 24-year-old pregnant woman named Latonya Daugherty was recently arrested for domestic battery after, and get this, she hit her brother with frosted cupcakes following an argument.

It seems that Daugherty and her brother, 30-year-old Eddie Yaddow were in the middle of an “verbal argument” when it escalated and resulted in Daugherty picking up frosted cupcakes and throwing them at her bro. The cupcakes hit Yaddow in the arm and the chest.

Pregnant Florida Woman Arrested For Cupcake Assault

But Yaddow isn’t blameless, as investigators say that Yaddow not only wiped frosting off himself and put it in Daugherty’s hair, but he also kicked his sister in the stomach. And while Daugherty’s own mother described her daughter as the “initial primary aggressor as she threw cupcakes,” it was Yaddow’s reaction that had cops conclude that he “exceeded a reasonable response in self defense.

So of course Yaddow was also arrested for aggravated battery.

While Daugherty was released from jail after posting bond, Yaddow remains locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond on the felony battery charge.

In conclusion, please don’t waste dessert.

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