The Week’s Funniest GIFs 6-22-17

Ever have one of those days where you can’t stand to think about work for another funky second? Welcome to adulthood. Luckily, the internet is full of ways to distract yourself from grown up responsibilities. That’s where these collections of funny GIFs from around the web come in handy…for like five minutes. But still, that’s five minutes you could have spent crunching numbers or answering phones or whatever it is you do.

Mandatory has crunched the numbers, and our Facebook and Twitter  are off the charts in terms of hilarious GIFs not seen here.

Funniest GIFs 6-22-17

Gotta keep cool somehow.
This has to be the result of someone saying “Hold my beer.”
Sometimes you’re just not the right cat for the job.
OK, you can cry over spilled milk in this case. That wasn’t even close.
You can fight a bath or just lean back and accept it. This dog clearly made the right call.
Looks like that moped dude found another ride.
That’s embarrassing, but we can think of at least two situations that would make you even redder in the face.
…aaand two.
Darkwing Duck was so ahead of his time.
I’ve heard of DJ Roomba, but I didn’t know they made get-out-of-my-Roombas.
And she only spilled most of her drink.

Someone wanna help us carry her out of here? There’s a previous collection of GIFs in it for ya.


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