Fishermen Caught A Two-Headed Porpoise And Here Are The Pictures

Photo: Erwin Kompanje

Two-headed monsters are the kinds of things that tend to haunt your nightmares. They’re creatures with twice the startling image to wake you up from sleep and keep the lights on when you were a kid — or as an adult. Scary stuff.

It’s good to know that these frightening beings are only fantasy, right? Well, think again.

Fishermen Catch Two-Headed Porpoise

Some fishermen literally caught a surprise when they recently pulled a two-headed porpoise onto their boat. The animal (plural?) was caught in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands.

The specific breed is a harbor porpoise, and they’re common to the area. What’s not common is having two heads, and this is the first time in history anyone has documented conjoined-twin porpoises.

The fishermen didn’t want to get in trouble for hauling in a porpoise, so they felt the best thing to do would be to throw it back in the water. We can only assume this gave scientists who wanted to dissect it a giant case of scientific blue balls. Luckily, the fishermen took a set of pictures for all of us to marvel at, and the scientists are examining those now.

h/t New York Post

If you’re freaked out by this two-headed porpoise, I’m sorry for causing you nightmares. Just remember they’re only dreams, and not actual creatures trying to give you nasty gashes like stingrays.