Sadomasochist Sex Club With ‘Torture Chamber’ Shut Down Over Health And Safety Violations

Photo: Tristan Fewings (Getty)

A sadomasochist swingers club in England has been shut down by fire officials because of violating health and safety code.

The Vivente ‘private members club’ (because who wouldn’t want their S&M tendencies on their LinkedIn profile?) was closed recently because it didn’t comply with fire regulations. Very hard to imagine considering the classy Sunderland joint came complete with un-plastered and exposed wiring, a non-functioning fire alarm, flammable plastic coverings on walls amongst candles, and a “dungeon” and “torture chamber” complete with “St. Georges Cross, stocks, sex-swing and plenty of implements to inflict pain.”

Photo: via Sunderland Echo

Photo: via Sunderland Echo

And to top it off, there were more than a dozen people inside the building ready to get their infliction on when officials busted in and shut up shop.


A fire service manager and station manager attended the premises the following evening, disturbing 15 people who had already arrived for the evening.

He said: “They went in through a locked door which was locked behind them so you could not get out without someone opening it for you.”

Photo: sakkmesterke (Getty)

Photo: sakkmesterke (Getty)

Reports say that as many as 60 people could be crammed into the club, which described itself as having a “whole new modern approach to the swinging lifestyle.” I guess if that approach includes the ‘brink of death,’ then they were as advertised!

The Telegraph article describes a little more as to why the club was so dangerous, with one official noting there could have been a “substantial loss of life.”

Mr. [Jim] Wotherspoon [prosecutor] said that “fire risks were aggravated by the presence of equipment” which would make it tricky for people to escape in the event of a fire.

He said: “The rear entrance was hidden but when you went to it, it was locked from the outside with roller shutter coming down and there was no way it could be used in the event of a fire.”

The owner plead guilty to breaking code and faces a very heavy fine. She also claimed that fire regulations were just something she didn’t think about. I guess S&M really takes up your entire focus? Yikes.


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