This Impressive Rube Goldberg Machine Will Have No Trouble Keeping Your Interest

Rube Goldberg Machine on Blackboard. Photo: Jeffrey Coolidge (Getty).

There is something relaxing about watching Rube Goldberg machines. For the uninitiated, Rube Goldberg was an engineer and cartoonist who would draw crazy complicated inventions. In 1988, engineering students started an annual contest to see who could invent the most complex way of doing a simple task. These take a long time, have a lot of steps and the payoff is something that should be really easy. I think I like them so much because that’s how my sex life was in college.

Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

Normally, you can just relax and enjoy yourself when watching videos of these machines, but the dude in this video uploaded by Mister Buzz is so excited about it! If his whole Rube Goldberg commentating thing doesn’t work out, he has a bright future in soccer. Can you imagine his reaction if it didn’t work? If anyone knows Japanese, please tell me what he’s saying. What if he’s not talking about the machine at all? What if he’s on the phone arguing with an ex? Videos like this are the reason we need to require our kids to speak a second language.

If you also enjoy good music while watching this kinda stuff, we’d also recommend the OK Go video “This Too Shall Pass.” Or hell, watch any of OK Go’s videos. They’re all pretty great.

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