Feature Interview: WWE’s “The Advocate” Paul Heyman

Throughout the history of sports entertainment, there have been many legends and stars that have held the gift of gab. They possess the tongues that can tear an opponent down or pull the crowd on their side with a simple phrase. But then there are those who are gods with a microphone in their hands.

That’s “The Advocate” Paul Heyman.

Heyman has the ability to make you believe you’re witnessing Armageddon, or in the case of WWE’s Survivor Series, sell fans on why Sunday’s bout between his client Brock Lesnar and Goldberg needs the world’s eyes in order to see what he already knows…

“The Beast Incarnate” is a devastating force that leaves a path of wreckage inside the squared circle.

It’s hard to argue with the man who has managed Lesnar throughout his WWE career while serving as Lesnar’s mouthpiece and standing ringside to witness firsthand championships being won and the destruction of stars such as John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker and Randy Orton.

But one man has yet to be conquered by Lesnar and that man is Goldberg. Returning to the ring for the first time in 12 years, Goldberg will battle “The Beast” at Survivor Series in Toronto. Heyman, however, with the upmost confidence we’ve come to expect, believes his client will send Goldberg back into retirement.

Survivor Series and Goldberg

CraveOnline: When you hear “Survivor Series.” What immediately comes to mind?

Paul Heyman: Right now, it’s Goldberg because he’s fighting for his very survival against Brock Lesnar this Sunday. I don’t think anyone is prepared to see the level of a beating Brock Lesnar is going to give Goldberg this Sunday night and I would suggest it’s going to go a lot further than the beating Brock gave John Cena in the past and even Randy Orton at SummerSlam. We’re going to upset a lot of people this Sunday with the carnage that’s coming Goldberg’s way.


CraveOnline: What do you think Goldberg’s motivation was in returning to WWE after 12 years?

Paul Heyman: I dearly believe in my heart, that Goldberg is a family man who has a profound love for his wife and son and wants his family to see him as that superhero that people romanticize him being during the height of his fame. To Goldberg’s credit, I think he’s in the best shape of his life and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s as capable of beat that superhero in today’s environment.

The paradox of all of this is that he picks a fight with the one being on this planet that is going to turn the tables on him and smash him into reality. Anyone else that Goldberg steps into the ring with today, I think Goldberg would spear and jackhammer with ease.

Managing Brock Lesnar

CraveOnline: These two faced each other at WrestleMania in 2004 and everyone involved has stated they weren’t satisfied with their performance. Do you think Brock sees this as a moment of redemption?

Paul Heyman: No, I know Brock Lesnar spends no time dwelling on the past and I know Brock Lesnar has a clear conscience about their match in 2004 because Brock was not emotionally invested in that match. He had one foot out the door and the other foot heading toward the door. He didn’t want to be there and I don’t think Goldberg wanted to be there that much either.

They were both at a different point in their lives but both want to be here now and both of them are driven to put on a main event for the ages.

“He’s 12 years more ruthless and more knowledgeable about the business at hand”

CraveOnline: You managed Brock Lesnar early in his career and you have been managing him the past few years after his return to WWE. How has he changed from the beginning of his career?

Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar is an extraordinary underrated forward thinker. Every day of Brock’s life, he is smarter than he was the day before. He’s 12 years smarter. He’s 12 years more experienced. He’s 12 years wiser. He’s 12 years more ruthless and more knowledgeable about the business at hand. He’s an extraordinary bright human being and more than anyone I’ve ever worked with, he gets it.

A Dangerous Man on the Microphone

CraveOnline: You have always been known as the best “talker” in the business. With as many promos you have given, has there ever been a time when a talent went to the back and was legitimately upset over your promo?

Paul Heyman: Several. It’s funny. Most of the time it’s not the talent about whom I’m cutting the promo. Sometimes it’s other people who hear what I have to say about someone and they get upset with me.


The Dangerous Alliance is Alive and Well

CraveOnline: If you were putting together a Dangerous Alliance stable today, who would you put in there?

Paul Heyman: The Dangerous Alliance is alive and well. I already have my stable and I’ll be glad to give you the exclusive. The Dangerous Alliance consists of the following—“The Advocate” Paul Heyman and “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.

That Dangerous Alliance is the single most formidable faction in the history of sports entertainment. We don’t need Four Horsemen. We don’t need three Freebirds. We don’t need a Legion of Doom. We don’t need all generations from Evolution. We don’t need a bunch of degenerates who like to give the “X” sign.

All we need is Paul Heyman talking the talk and Brock Lesnar walking the walk.

“Emperor of North America”

CraveOnline: Is there anything in WWE that you still want to accomplish and is there anything outside of wrestling that you want to accomplish?

Paul Heyman: Inside of the world of sports entertainment, yes, there’s a lot for me to accomplish because I think I’m just entering my prime now. Outside of the world of sports entertainment, I have not been given keys to the universe yet. I truly am of the belief, that I should be nominated and elected “Emperor of North America” and given a shot at being ruler of the universe and I haven’t had the chance to craft my campaigns for these offices yet because I’ve been very busy with Brock Lesnar.

But the next time Brock takes a hiatus, I’ll probably start looking into an exploratory team for me to pursue those offices once my job with Brock has reached fulfillment and when Brock decides to go back to Canada and be a full-time farmer with no WWE or UFC diversions.

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WWE Survivor Series will be live on WWE Network Sunday 11/20 at 7 p.m. ET from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre