Pigeon Wearing Tiny Backpack Filled With Ecstasy Busted By Police

Photo: Twitter/Al-Ral

Remember a few years ago when a pigeon was caught trying to smuggle drugs into a Costa Rican prison? Well, another pigeon was at it again, as this time it was caught trying to smuggle drugs between boarders.

According to Al Arabiya, Kuwait customs officers had their eye on a homing pigeon from Iraq — a pigeon that they finally captured as it was crossing the boarders between Kuwait and Iraq. The pigeon was caught above a building near the customs’ department. Don’t ask me how they caught it because those little a-holes fly off if you even walk near them.

Well when officials inspected the bird they discovered that it was wearing an adorable tiny backpack — an adorable backpack that was filled with 178 ecstasy pills. Check it out below.

Look at it — pretty damn cute if you ask me. Although we have to remember it was smuggling drugs, but still, it’s cute. Well, this pigeon failed, but hopefully they let him keep the backpack after they seized the drugs.

And now let’s see what Twitter had to say:

h/t The Hook Mag

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